Songwriter’s block. Yes, it’s a real thing and it hit me hard last May, sending me into a hiatus. My piano remained closed for a while. Certain events led up to it, and I’m finally ready to share what happened.

After I worked on my new music with Refinement and recorded my Mormon Channel Daily interview, some miscommunication between Refinement and me led to us scrambling to finish my song, “Found Myself,” in time for my interview airing April 21. My song miraculously came together, and I thought I was in the clear.

The MCD producer had emailed me multiple times to sign and email back their “Creative Works Agreement” in regards to my song. Just before I put ink on the page, I had my attorney husband read through it. I’m lucky I did. After a few minutes he pointed out that the language in the release was for a transfer of ownership of the rights to my song. !!??

I didn’t believe him. I reminded him the producer told me it was for one-time use. He reminded me that a legal contract outweighs an email in court.

I read through the release again and noted the wording used. It would completely strip me from any rights to, interest in, and credit for my song. It also forbid me to publish or distribute my song without approval.

I emailed the producer explaining my concerns about the contract and asked if there was another option. The producer pretty much said take it, or leave it and we won’t play your song.

After all the effort, phone calls, and lost sleep during the previous week just to finish my song in time, I was not about to give up. I asked if my attorney could talk to the intellectual property department, but they declined and said I could speak to them myself instead.

During my conversation with the intellectual property department, I was told there was, in fact, another option for me. The “Art and Photography Agreement” would allow me to retain all rights, and allowed them one-time use of my song. My attorney looked it over and gave me the go-ahead. I signed it, sent it off, and my song aired with my interview.

That’s when songwriter’s block hit. I tried to write, tried to create perfect conditions for inspiration, but nothing of substance was coming to me. I felt like I’d lost my steam from all that drama.

I decided that I couldn’t force creativity, so I took a break. I soaked up the summer with my family. I tapped back in to my TV background. I worked on improving myself mentally, spiritually, and physically.

As fall began, the fog began to clear; lyrics slowly returned to me. I didn’t hesitate to write words down and work on them. All sorts of things started filling our calendar, but somehow I continued carving out time to write. Consistency paid off, and I penned my favorite song yet. I’m looking forward to sharing it with you.


My interview with Mormon Channel Daily is posted online! You can listen to it here. And check out my song, “Found Myself,” too.

I am thrilled I could share my story and testimony with the world. And I’m honestly amazed everything worked out for my song to air after the interview … because it almost didn’t happen.
I ran into some obstacles with my song the week before the interview aired. These problems were out of my control — the worst kind. I was filled with fear and doubt thinking there was no way it would possibly work out. I agonized over it for several days and exhausted every solution I could think of.

I was cornered.

A few good cries later, I recognized that God had brought me this far, and He could continue guiding me if I kept trusting Him. I took a deep breath and turned it over to God.

Somehow my song came through. I know the series of events that occurred were nothing short of a miracle — divine intervention — that made it all possible. My interview and song aired.
It all worked out.

This experience has strengthened my testimony in God in several ways. I learned not to take counsel from my fears or doubts, and instead put faith and trust in God. I recognized that God knows each of us individually and will answer our prayers, no matter how trivial the matter. Most importantly, I received a personal witness that with God all things are possible, no matter how large the obstacle.

If you didn’t catch my interview live, you can listen to it here.

mormon channel daily

My interview with Mormon Channel Daily airs today! I am so excited!

Check it out at 8A, 11A, 5P, and 8P PST at www.mormonchannel.org .

You’ll even get to hear my new song, Found Myself!

Many thanks to Jennifer Stagg, host of Mormon Channel Daily. I had a wonderful time chatting with her about my music and inspiration. She is truly a classy and talented gal.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the interview and song! Enjoy!